I am trying to learn some Italian!

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I am trying to learn some Italian!

Post by findtheForesi » 29 Aug 2008, 03:24

I just found a fun program to start as an intro to Italian!
It’s called Speak in a Week.
Some cute kids are teaching it with some basic info. Clear speaking, Upbeat with Upbeat music.. At least I am having fun with it!..
Unfortunately I know more Spanish than Italian.. But I am waking up!!

If any one has used some other CDs in the Car or at home that they can recommend Please let me know?

I am sure I will grow out of these quickly. Unless they have Speak in a Month or something like that!! :lol:
Thanks So Much
Searching for cugini in Italy! Vitulano, Ciazzo, Ruviano, Casertta, Corridonia Macerata.
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Re: I am trying to learn some Italian!

Post by PeterTimber » 29 Aug 2008, 03:59

The "fun" stuff in learning Italian can only be successful if you were highly motivated (like training to be parachuted into enemy territory and if you didn't earn you would be killed!!!) as were agents in Europe.

Si quieres aprender Italiano BIEN hablando como un gallego de Espana tienes que conocer la gramatica de la lengua Italiano come Castellano.


Memorize the verbs like english I go, you go, he/she goes, we go you plural go and they go. In Italian Vado vai va andiamo andate vanno. Less than that your a Turista. =Peter=

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