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The Tony Mangia Show only on WP 88.7 FM & www.WPRadio887

Post by TonyMangia » 11 Jan 2009, 18:11

Ciao Amici,

I host The Tony Mangia Show - Radio: Italian Style (New Jersey's ONLY postive Italian/Italian-American radio program) on WP 88.7 FM & streaming online @ The Tony Mangia Show - Radio: Italian Style airs live every Sunday afternoon from 3-6 PM EST.

I play a wide variety of Italian and Italian-American music, from many genres, old and new. On any given show, you may hear everything from Claudio Villa & Antonello Venditti to Frank Sinatra & Bruce Springsteen (His mother is Italian). The show also presents to the audience discussions on Italian & Italian-American food, culture, heritage, news and, on occasion, la lingua italiana.

For residing in an area with a large number of Italian-Americans (New York Metro area), I have found that there are few radio programs that spotlight the great achievements of Italians and Italian-Americans. I want it to be my mission to help change the negative views by spotlighting the positive aspects of the Italian & Italian-American Experience in an entertaining manner. I want to introduce our great musicians, bands, actors, filmmakers, chefs, authors, athletes, heroes, heritage, culture and food to the general public. This is the reason I created The Tony Mangia Show - Radio: Italian Style, which first aired in October of 2006 (coincidentally, October is Italian-American Heritage Month)

The Tony Mangia Show - Radio: Italian Style is an outlet for Italian-Americans and Italophiles of all ages in the New York Metropolitan Area. According to the 2000 Census, Italian-American make up close to 6 percent of the United States' population. This is a demographic that is sorely under- and misrepresented on the airwaves. Italians and Italian-Americans need to shed the heavy and burdensome yoke of The Godfather, the Mafia mystique and the Italian as a cafone (a rude and uncouth peasant) and embrace the rich and storied culture, heritage and history that gave birth to such greats as Dante Alighieri, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Frank Capra, Enrico Caruso and Gunnery Sergeant John Basilone. I hope that my mission will be a successful one and help to inspire others to look at Italians and Italian-Americans as a proud, loyal, family-oriented and life-loving people.

I hope you can all get a chance to tune in. Please spread the word to your friends & family.

Mille Grazie,
Tony Mangia

The Tony Mangia Show - Radio: Italian Style
(New Jersey's ONLY Italian/Italian-American Radio Show)
Sundays 3-6 PM EST
"BRAVE NEW RADIO" WP 88.7 FM & streaming @

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