Wishing Everyone

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Wishing Everyone

Post by LaBud » 01 Jan 2010, 02:59

Peace, Happiness, Health, and Prosperity in 2010
A huge Thankyou to all you wonderful people here who have generously helped my brother John and me take down some huge brick walls and put pieces of our puzzle together. So many Bingo's for the Spadorcia & Pasquale families, that would have never been possible without all your help.

We are truly blessed, and "You" are truly appreciated. :D

Buona Capitano to our IG Famiglia

LaBud XX

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Re: Wishing Everyone

Post by wldspirit » 01 Jan 2010, 04:28

How thoughtful!! IG is truly special, and our "family" is the best!!

A toast to 2010!! May all our brickwalls come down!! :lol:

"Cambiano i suonatori ma la musica è sempre quella."

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