Vicenza Valone

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Vicenza Valone

Post by lori.lornado » 04 May 2010, 00:10

Does anyone know how I may find info on the Valone family born in Simbario Italy. It is believed that the church where the records were held was burned down, but have no idea if that is true. Approx year of birth for Vicenza would be 1895. No known names of parents for Vicenza. I am assisting a friend in her search for her italian roots. My friend is very new to genealogy and I am not very familiar with looking up records in Italy. Any guidance on how we may find vital records would be very helpful. Thank You, Lori

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Re: Vicenza Valone

Post by wldspirit » 04 May 2010, 05:28

Civil registration which includes birth, marriage and death records, has been filmed by the Lds. These films can be rented and viewed at a local family history center:


Guide written by member Trish:

The proper way of obtaining microfilm from a Family History Center
1. You go to

2. Click on the tab on the top right called Library

3. Click on the words Family History Library Catalog

4. Click on the words Place Search and type in the town you are looking for. Then click the word search.

5. A list of the results will show up. (an example: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

6. Click on the link you are looking for such a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Vital Records. A new page will appear where it will show all the films for Vital Records

7. Click on the link you want such as Death Registries.

8. Click on View Film Notes and a list of the microfilm numbers will appear.

9. Click at the bottom of the page, For a printable copy, click hereand you will get a form to print out with all the film numbers.

10. Click print.

Ordering Microfilm

1. Now the FHC does not have all the microfilm in their possession.

2. You have to order the microfilm which takes 3-4 weeks for it to arrive.

3. It costs about $5.75 a roll for 30 days of viewing time.

4. If you need to renew the microfilm, it cost about $5.50 for another 60 days.

5. If you need to renew it after the 60 days, it will cost another $5.50 and the films can be kept on an indefinite bases.

6. Microfilm must be viewed at the FHC.

7. Copies are $0.35 a page.

Written and Created for the Family History Center of Cherry Hill, New Jersey - by PTCTM - Trish - 02/2006

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