regulation of releasing parents name when orphaned

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regulation of releasing parents name when orphaned

Post by amelia » 04 Apr 2014, 12:56

I wonder if anyone can help, please.
My father was orphaned shortly after he was born ( in about 1928 ) and was soon adopted in Palermo, Sicily.
At the age of 18 he had the opportunity to find out the name of his real parents ( through the courts )but he was very scared , despondent and felt he may be rejected again so he told the courts he didn't want to know who they were.
He eventually married and came to Australia.
Growing up it was obvious that he always regretted his decision but he had adopted parents that he didn't want to disappoint.
Anyway, I went to Palermo many years ago but they would not tell me the name of his real parents.
At that stage I was told that they did not have to release the names.

I am wondering what the rules / regulations are in Italy now, for those wanting to find the names of real parents. Are they obligated to reveal the names? And if they are what can i do from Australia?

We have his birth certificate with his real parent surname and old medallions that may be from the orphanage.

Amelia - Australia

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