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Bulson / Lang Family Help!

Post by NCJE2910 » 11 Feb 2016, 04:35

I'm looking for some information on my ancestor, Gertrude Bulson Lang, and her parents.

Gertrude Bulson was born December 23 1829 in Albany, NY and died on June 27 1883 in NYC
She had 4 children with her first husband John Lang: William, Mary Ann, John, & Cornelius
With her second husband, Henry McAllister, she had 2 children: Henry & Margaret Jane.

I am mostly looking for more information about her parents, or any records of Gertrude pre-marriage.
I think Gertrude married John Lang about 1847, and moved from Albany to NYC about 1849.

Her parents were Cornelius Bulson & Jane ---- both of New York.

Thank you so much, it is very much appreciated,
Nick :)

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