Connecticut Birth Record Purchase - 1918

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Connecticut Birth Record Purchase - 1918

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Hello all,

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy right now during these hard times.

I am trying to purchase a birth certificate for a relative in the state of Connecticut but I am having some difficulty and am looking for some assistance. The birth certificate is for a relative that was born over 100 years ago and is deceased, which from what I understand means the record is open to the anyone in the public for a small fee. However, when trying to purchase the document, the vital records website asks me for identification to prove my relation to this person. This should not be required for a birth certificate for a person born 100 years ago or more.

Here is a link to the website: ... rtificates

It specifies and gives clear instructions for purchasing documents less then 100 years as well as the in-depth requirements for doing such. Yet for older documents, it states they only that they are available to anyone older then 18 but provides no link or instruction on how to purchase.

I have never purchased a document from Connecticut before so I'd appreciate if anyone has any insight on how to purchase a 100 year plus birth record. The birth was in 1918 in Bridgeport if that makes any difference.

Thank you so much for any help you can give!
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Re: Connecticut Birth Record Purchase - 1918

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This site may offer information about obtaining genealogical vital records from Connecticut.
It appears those may be held by the Connecticut State Archives. ... s/archives

It looks like they hold vital records pre-1900, and these are currently being digitized by FamilySearch.
Beginning in 1897, copies were sent to the State Department of Public Health, Vital Records Division. To obtain a copy of a current or 20th century birth, marriage, or death record, please contact the town or the Department of Public Health.

The current accessibility law in Connecticut ... m#sec_7-51

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Re: Connecticut Birth Record Purchase - 1918

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I actually made a trip to Bridgeport a few months ago for a great aunt who died at 6m.o. in 1916. Found out she was born about 40min north of there, so I didnt have enough time to get a birth record. You could call the city vital records, it was easy to get the death cert.
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