Antenati Database-Palermo

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Antenati Database-Palermo

Post by joecatalano »

Have you been able to locate where the records are located for Palermo "citta".
I used the 10 year file for Palermo to locate records and they refer to the section of "citta", but there is no sezione that corresponds to citta.

Need some assistance in locating those fiche.
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Re: Antenati Database-Palermo

Post by joetucciarone »

Hi Joe - there are a lot of Palermo subfolders on the antenati site. For example:

Palermo (Sezione Baida)(oggi Palermo)
Palermo (Sezione Mondello e Pallavicino)(oggi Palermo)

These seem to be the equivalent of neighborhoods or suburbs of the main city itself (like Baida and Mondello). Only one of the subfolders has no modifier and is simply titled "Palermo": ... e/Palermo/

My guess - and it's only a guess - is that this subfolder contains records for the main city of Palermo.
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