Project Calabria 2010

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Project Calabria 2010

Post by JVian » 05 Jan 2007, 01:52


Are you Calabrese? Do you know anyone who has ancestors from Calabria or who still has relatives in Calabria? If so we can really use your help!

We're organizing a big "homecoming" project for people all over the world who have ancestors who came from Calabria. The Homecoming will take place in the summer of 2010.

There is an online presentation at this link - in both Italian and English:

We have also created a special registration system where offshore Calabrese can register and then send a message to their Calabrese friends and families asking them to register. Here's the link:

We would appreciate the help if anyone who is Calabrese, or who knows someone who is Calabrese to get the word out.

Our main Calabria section is:

Our website home page is:

Thanks for reading this message!

Very best wishes to all
(Mr.) Vian Andrews

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Re: Project Calabria 2010

Post by nuccia » 05 Jan 2007, 18:36

Thanks for the links..Since my family is from Calabria I was very excited to hear about this project. I've registered and look forward to hearing more about it!

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