Earthquake of November 23rd, 1980

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Earthquake of November 23rd, 1980

Post by antonio43 » 22 Nov 2007, 18:49

Hello, In those rather particular days, I invite you to have a though or to pray. Indeed, 27 years ago, on November 23rd, 1980, in Campania, in Basilicate and in Pouilles, a terrible earthquake of magnitude 7, made approximately 2914 deaths, wundedpersons. It cett period of cold, in the approach of Christmas of thousands of persons, met themselves in the street (sometimes the house was destroyed( sometimes only cracks), in the cold, the tents, sometimes isolated in villages surrounded by the death; sometimes the help delayed arriving. Tracks have not disappeared yet totally, certain subsidies have just arrived only very recently, in this poor zone of Italy of the South.
A village was destroyed(annulled) in 80 %; a Church éffondra on the majority of the Believers after the Mass of Sunday evening.

In your thoughts or prayers, let us not forget those who lived these event, the deads,
the persons still saddened.

Let us not forget either all the victims dead or in live of natural disasters (earthquake, cyclone, tsunami, floods), as for example the victims of Bangladesh recently.

Good Thanksgiving.

Antonio 411.

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Re: Earthquake of November 23rd, 1980

Post by suanj » 22 Nov 2007, 20:57

yes Antonio.. here a interesting link
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