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by vinoprosim
23 Apr 2019, 01:03
Forum: Italian Genealogy
Topic: Borromeo family mystery
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Borromeo family mystery

Hello, In the past this community has been really helpful to me and I'm hoping someone can help me again as I've reached an impasse. It's no secret the Borromeo family is quite well-known in Italy. However it is some big family secret just WHY this branch of the family left the Riomaggiore in Cinque...
by vinoprosim
29 Jul 2013, 15:12
Forum: Italian Genealogy
Topic: Great-Grandfathers birth towns?
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Great-Grandfathers birth towns?

Hello, I am trying to find out the birth towns or any other info of my two great-grandfathers: #1 Placido Jacopetti (maybe 'Iacopetti'?) born around 7 January 1877 in Lucca Italy, his father was Giovanni Bellarmino Iacopetti and his mother was Maria Ester Martinucci. #2 Agostino Borromeo born around...
by vinoprosim
23 Jul 2013, 22:46
Forum: Emigration, Immigration, Naturalization and Italian citizenship
Topic: I Just Beat the 1948 Rule
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Re: I Just Beat the 1948 Rule

Congratulations! Any advice for a father and his daughter seeking italian citizenship? We must also beat the 1948 rule as my father was born in 1948 to his italian mother in California.

Did you have to hire a lawyer to beat the 1948 rule?

Thanks for your help!!