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by debsammarco
27 Oct 2018, 00:40
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Topic: Policastrello, Cosenza, Calabria
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Policastrello, Cosenza, Calabria


I am trying to find out where I can find online records for Policastrello. I was able to find many Tarsia, Cosenza, Calabria records but am having no luck with Policastrello.

Thank you!
by debsammarco
27 Oct 2018, 00:29
Forum: Italian Genealogy
Topic: Researching Sammarco from Calabria
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Researching Sammarco from Calabria

Hi, I am researching the surname Sammarco. I found most records in Tarsia, Cosenza, Calabria. At this point I have gone as far back with Tarsia records. I am now trying to find out how to get records for Policastrello, Cosenza, Calabria since my Giovanni was born in Policastrello. I have his father'...