Ancestor in the Military

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Ancestor in the Military

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Hello I have a question about an ancestor in the military, at least I think the military.

My ancestor Nardo Nardoni is listed as a corporal in church records (all sergeants, corporals, and doctors appear to be listed as a norm).

He was born in 1689 in San Costanzo, Pesaro e Urbino and died in 1769 in the same town.

So at that time, in that town....what would "caporale" mean?
A town guard? A papal soldier? Some sort of police or peace officer?

I need help understanding the time period and location to figure out what this means. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Re: Ancestor in the Military

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Don't know at that time, but a "caporale" (in the XIX century, and nowadays, too) can be the head of a group of workers.
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