Mezzojuso Revolt (Bentivegna) - 1856 - Who was involved?

As a nation state, Italy has emerged only in 1871. Until then the country was politically divided into a large number of independant cities, provinces and islands. The currently available evidences point out to a dominant Etruscan, Greek and Roman cultural influence on today's Italians.
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Mezzojuso Revolt (Bentivegna) - 1856 - Who was involved?

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I was curious about some information from Italy's history. In 1856, there was a revolt in Mezzojuso (and surrounding communes) related to the Italian Unification and Resorgimento period.

The primary leader in the area was Francesco Bentivegna who was eventually executed in Mezzojuso in 1856.

The question I am curious about is if there is any material, information, or postings (current or at the time) of individuals involved in the revolt in Mezzojuso.

I did find some books on the subject but there are from the 19th century and in Italian (and my translation skills are rudimentary at best).

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice? I am looking to see if there any information for who was specifically involved in and around the Mezzojuso revolt.
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Re: Mezzojuso Revolt (Bentivegna) - 1856 - Who was involved?

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You might try emailing the address at the top of this website-not the one with pec in it though.

Also if you click on Pro Loco, and then on the right of the next screen, click on the last option-you get a lot of titles written about the town and can read a lot of these online (they seem to open in pdf format).

My understanding is that the people involved from the town were just common citizens (peasantry) who congregated in the town piazza. I'd rather doubt there would be a list around of all of these individuals, but then you never know. Maybe one of the books will have some useful info. At any rate, I did see one that had some very colorful and very interesting illustrations.

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Re: Mezzojuso Revolt (Bentivegna) - 1856 - Who was involved?

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I found these names involved from 1848 to 1856 ( coming from different towns, but coming from Palermo province especially):
Francesco Bentivegna
Stefano Bentivegna
Emanuele Cammarata
Giuseppe Bellone
Giuseppe Brancato
Gaspare Corrao
Calogero Gattuso
Giovanni Dina
Giovanni Cuccia
Pietro Sampieri
Michelangelo Barone
Antonio Battaglia
Calogero Giuffrida
Andrea Perniciaro
Francesco Spinuzza
Giacinto Carini
Francesco Ciaccio
Nicolò Garzilli
Carlo Romano
Luigi La Porta
Nicolò Dimarco
Salvatore Cappello
Onofrio Dibenedetto
Pietro Tordù
Gaetano La Loggia
Francesco Gandolfo
Agostino Quattrocchi
Nicolò Botta
Carlo Botta
Salvatore Guarnira
Alessandro Guarnira
Andrea Maggio
Cesare Civeddu
Antonino Bonanno
Antonino Gugino
Francesco Romano
Santo Romano
Filippo Patorno
Luciano Bursiesci
Nicolò Mamola
Mariano Mazzarese
Giuseppe Mazzarese
Davide Figlia
Ercole Figlia
Ciro Termini
Rosario Ribaudo
Domenico D’Amico
Vittoriano Guarnaccia
Matteo Raimondo
Biaggio Bonanno
Francesco La Barbiera
Pietro Lo Bue
Giuseppe Stassi
Vincenzo Palermo
Salvatore Como
Salvatore Anzalone
Filippo Cuti
Domenico Mucciglia
Giacomo Buccola
Luciano Buccola

maybe there is some other name most likely, I don't read the complete book
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