Maria Calderone, Trabia, and Girolamo Drago marriage

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Maria Calderone, Trabia, and Girolamo Drago marriage

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Hello, Would you please help me with the date, town and providence they were married ? Also, Girolamo's mothers name. T...I just noticed there are a few pages before this entry. Was he married prior to Maria Calderone or did the marriage not take place?
Thank you,Marlena ... cc=1947613
Trabia, Sicily: Rinella, Campagna, Rubino, DiMatteo, Vallelunga, Gattuccio, Canciamilla, Arena, Alario, Barone, Sunseri, Trapani, Turturice Bell, Lima, Romano, Spitaleri, Cancilla,Tardio, Novello Tomasello, Sunseri Pirotto, and D'Anna.
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Re: Maria Calderone, Trabia, and Girolamo Drago marriage

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The record you posted is not the marriage, it is the request to publish the intent to marry
Dated 26 March 1871 in Ficarazzi, Palermo.
Girolamo was born in Villabate to Calogero Drago and Giovanna Colajanni.

Here is the marriage record...#12
Dated 11 April 1871
Top left ... cc=1947613

Here is the first marriage... ... cc=1947613
Dated 2 January 1860 in Ficarazzi, Palermo.
Girolamo Drago is age 23, unmarried, born in Brancaccio(but his birth act is from Villabate), son of deceased Calogero [Drago], and of Giovanna Colajanni.
The bride is Concetta Fontana, 21, daughter of Giuseppe [Fontana], and of deceased Angela Tripaldi.
Concetta's death act is also there (before the publication of Marriage banns record)

So, yes, before his marriage to Maria Calderone, he was married to Concetta Fontana, who died.


Ficarazzi is a comune (municipality) in the Metropolitan City of Palermo in the Italian region of Sicily, located about 10 kilometres (6 mi) southeast of Palermo.
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