Zaccaria Family

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Zaccaria Family

Post by arielscars » 08 Feb 2008, 15:38

Trying to find information about my great grand-parents or even earlier ancestors, I can only go as far back as to my grandfather and then I hit a dead wall.
My Father’s name is Walter Antonio Zaccaria born 1946 in Taranto Italy
My Grandfather’s Name is Guglielmo Zaccaria probably born between 1910-1920 in Taranto Italy; he married my Grandmother Maria Luisa Latanza before they immigrated to South America in the 1950’s.
My father believes my great grandfathers name was Antonino Zaccaria but isn’t too sure.
Any help would be great or where I can go, the only information I usually get is the Italians who immigrated to the US but my family never did that.


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Re: Zaccaria Family

Post by PeterTimber » 08 Feb 2008, 15:58

Dear Ariel When you say your family is from taranto I am assuming you mean the city of Taranto which is also the capital of Taranto province in Puglia. As such you cna obtain the micorfilm for the births,.marriages and deaths that occurred in Taranto city from 1809 to 1861 at your nearest Mormon church family history library (go to under ancestor search) and rent ouit the microfilm for a nominal amount of money and they usually have the facilities to view the film and make copies.. Since the records only go as far as 1861 you may wish to go to www, and clcik in Taranto and then Il comune di Taranto where an e-mail form to the City is avilable to you and you can request the city fathers in taranto City if they have records beyond 1861 for you to view.

Your alternate action might be to write directly to the Uffico di Stato civile i Comune di Taranto or the frazione Vito di Taranto postale 74100, (TA), Puglia pregion Italy for the specific document such as a borth,marriage or death reecord or certificato di stato di famiglia (Family status certificate) in the name of your GGranfather or grandfather for all immediate family members including brothers, sisters and other information.

Please get back to us should you need additonalinformation. =Peter=

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