poetry translation

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poetry translation

Post by cringe » 11 May 2009, 01:56

I found these written in the back of an old album and I'm wondering if someone could help me with translating them. Thanks so much!

Forse non capisco
la roba che questa voce
mi sta dicendo.
Magari le parole non
mi sembrono possibile
della voce che mi ha muovata
di coprire la faccia,
imbarazza del amore
e troppo piena di gioia.
Queste idee delle tue labbra
gli dando un atimo
della nostra vita
come se lui fosse me...
Non ci credo, al fondo.

Tranne la parta che dice:
Lo sapevi, no?
Che tu non la meriti?

Facciamo cosi.
Dico come sento, e
non lo dici a nessuno.
Pero', non so come sento
-so solo che ho un
problema emozionale.
Non ho la rabbia.
Potrebbi farmi
qualsiasi cosa.
E, lo sai?
Io ci saro', sempre.
Che c'e'?
Non mi frega?
Non e' questo, non so
come mai non sento niente
quando voglio piangere.
O ti sgridere, o lasciare tutto.
Provo solo di fermare
il problema, chiudere gli occhi.
Non so da quando,
ma il tuo amore
mi vale piu' del
mio orgoglio.
Non ne ho,
respetto di se'?

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Re: poetry translation

Post by elba » 11 May 2009, 08:02

Best I can do...hope it's OK!
The comma in the last two lines made that sentence very hard to undertsand - sorry.

Perhaps I don’t understand
the things that this voice
is telling me.
Maybe the words don’t
seem possible
from the voice that moved me
to cover my face,
embarrassment of love
and too full of joy.
These ideas from your lips
are giving a moment
of our lives as if he were me…
I don’t believe, deep down.

Apart from the part that says:
You knew, didn’t you?
That you don’t deserve it(him)?

Let’s do it like this.
I’ll say how I feel, and
you won’t tell anyone.
However, I don’t know how I feel
- I only know that I have
An emotional problem.
I don’t feel anger.
You could do
anything to me.
Oh, you know?
I will be, always.
What’s wrong?
I don’t care?
It’s not that, I don’t know
why I don’t feel anything
when I want to cry.
Or I shout at you, or I leave it all.
I’m only trying to stop
the problem, close my eyes.
I don’t know when,
but your love
means more to me
than my pride.
I have no
respect for this?

Boh (this indicates something like a shrug…)

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Re: poetry translation

Post by cringe » 11 May 2009, 09:26

Thank you very much!

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