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by gidget_81321
23 Nov 2019, 02:49
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Topic: Prezzo, Trentino records
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Prezzo, Trentino records only shows Prezzo records beginning in 1915. Nati in Trentino website also seems to have no Prezzo records. Does anyone know if the town/church records were destroyed or if they would be found included in another nearby commune? Thank you!
by gidget_81321
08 Nov 2019, 18:24
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Topic: Daone, Trentino records
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Daone, Trentino records

Hi - I have been using Nati in Trentino to find a lot of information but it seems Daone records before 1870s are missing? Does anyone know where else I may find birth records for Daone or if perhaps it was part of another town before 1870s?
Thank you!