looking for relitives of Alfred Franscisco Valente

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looking for relitives of Alfred Franscisco Valente

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Hi, I am trying to trace relations of Alfred Franscisco Valente(My great-grandfather)who came to the UK and Married Emily Hilton (English) and moved to Scotland and lived in Edinburgh (Grassmarket\Little Italy) area. They had children named Emily, Mary and Caroline(my grandmother) Alfred was an artists model at one time from what i was told and after his death was buired in Inveresk Church Yard in the town of Mussleburgh.
If anyone out there reads this and has any information of any his friends or family I would like to hear from you.
Regards, Ian Hunter. :)
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Re: looking for relitives of Alfred Franscisco Valente

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found the following

Notes from Scotland’s People June 2012

Death Certificate

Alfred Valente age 51 died 27 September 1951 19 St Clements Gardens, Wallyford, E Lothian
Married to Catherine Fotheringham
Occupation Railway Surfacemean

Father Francis Valente Boiler Fireman (retired)
Mother Emily Agnes Hilton Deceased

Death Certificate witnessed by son Alfred Valente, 5 Mitchell Street, Musselburgh

Alfred Francis Valente age 68 died 1988 in Inveresk, E. Lothian this could be Alfred and Catherine’s son. He was born 1919 in Inveresk Musselburgh

I cannot find details of Alfredo's death in the Scotland records, he was alive in 1951 when his son died.

Do you have any more details?

The artists' model is a bit of a myth as every Italian I know including my own grandfather was an "artists model". Artists did go to the Val di Comino and some of the youths did do some sittings but in general I tend to take it with a pinch of salt.

Stuart Capaldi
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Re: looking for relitives of Alfred Franscisco Valente

Post by kayara »

Hi Ian, I'm working on the Valente family tree and I do have:

Alfred Francis Valente (1920 circa-1988 Inveresk, died at 68) married to Iris Angela Davidson in 1941 in Inveresk/Musselburgh district

son of

Alfred Francisco Valente (in the census of 1901 was 1&1/2 year old, so I assume 1900 - 1951 Inv/Muss, died at 51) married Catherine Fotheringham in 1919 in Inv/Muss

son of

Francesco Valente (30/10/1864 Cassino, Italy - 1952 Musselburgh, died at 88) married Emily Hilton (born in England, was 23 at the wedding in 1895, and 29 at the 1901 census, so should be born in 1872 - dead before 1951 (Francesco died a widow) father: Charles Hilton, mother: Mary Elizabeth (Carr? unreadable from weddin cert)

son of

Gabriele Valente (1942 Cassino - ?) and Maria (Restituita Lucia) D'Antonino (1844, cassino abandoned at birth, given the name of the neighbourhood of Cassino where they found her, raised by Loreta Pacitto - dead before 1952 as marked on Francesco's death certificate)

Other sibilings of Francesco:
Rosa (married Risi),
Vittorio (1870, married Eliazabeth Stevenson, who then obtained divorce for abandonment, as he went back to Italy after a trip to the USA and married Francesca Fusco)
Carolina (1875-18849
Tommasina (1884-?)
Americo Aurelio Filiberto (1889-1960) who is our branch of the family.
There is also another Francesco, Francesco Antonio Valente, 1885 Cassino, same parents, in the reconstituted acts, but I'm not sure if's a mistake because of the reconstitution after the bombing...

Gabriele was son of

Crecenzo (1811, Cassino-?) who in 1836 married Anna (Maria? Antonia?) Di Placido (1809? was 27 at the wedding)
daughter of Angelantonio Di Placido and Maria Concetta Salvatore

Other Sibilings of Gabriele:
Maria Angela Germana (1837)
Maria Marta Gaetana (1839)
Maria Francesca Antonia (1844)
Maria Germana (1846)
Giovanni Antonio (1849)
Teresa (1852)

Crescenzo was son of

Domenico (1771 circa - 1824, death extract as part of the wedding documents of Crescenzo) and Maria Tedesco

Domenico was son of

Onorato and Domenica (from Onorato death extract as part of the wedding documents of Crescenzo)

Unfortunately even the non indicised Italian records are only starting in the Napoleonic era, so unless I can find parish records that's as far as I can go.

I hope it's useful, can you also send me the details of your family branch?


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Re: looking for relitives of Alfred Franscisco Valente

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There are no parish records for Cassino. All were stored in the Abbey and you know what happened to that.
1809-1865 civil records are on line and at Family Search. Everything after 1865 was destroyed and only reconstructed records exist.
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