Help finding birth of Salvatore Barbagallo

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Help finding birth of Salvatore Barbagallo

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Hi everyone,
I'm looking for the place of birth and birth act (actually, any birth related data) of one of my ancestors in Catania, Italy
  • His name was Salvatore Barbagallo (when he migrated to Argentina, they registered him as "Salvador", wich is the spanish for "Salvatore")
  • He was born near 1890 in Catania (the marriage record from Argentina doesn't say where in Catania).
  • Father: Andrea ("Andres" in spanish) Barbagallo
  • Mother: Rosa Rizzo
  • Married in 11-feb-1913 in Argentina with Rosa Chiavetta (from Troina, Catania)
  • Died in 10-apr-1950 in Argentina
I have the marriage and death records. Also, there's more data for the children (all of it accurate), father/mother, and spouse info at his profile on Family Search: ... s/G9Z2-4ZG

My main objective is to find:
  • Place/town of birth
  • Birth certificate/act or even church record
Any help would be really appreciated!
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Re: Help finding birth of Salvatore Barbagallo

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