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by mojiñocubano
12 Feb 2005, 02:16
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Topic: surname Rocatagliata or Roccatagliata, please!
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surname Rocatagliata or Roccatagliata, please!

i am trying to find any kind ofinformation the surname and the surname or of the roccatagliata family that lived in genova, from which 2 integrants traveled to live to chile,
pleaseif you do know anything, please write, any kind of information is usefull.
by mojiñocubano
27 Jan 2005, 23:34
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Topic: Morchio - Raccatagliata
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Morchio - Raccatagliata

I am searching for information of my great grandfather and his family in italy, he and a cousing emigrated to chile scaping from the world war,
please if you recagnize any of this surnames, send me the information,