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by treston11
14 Apr 2021, 22:06
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Topic: Help - Correcting Birth Certificate in PA
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Re: Help - Correcting Birth Certificate in PA

Hi Everyone, I have a similar issue regarding a birth certificate of my deceased grandmother (the mother on her birth certificate indicates 'Maria Oliva' and it needs to be corrected to indicate her full birth name of Tindara Sidoti Olivo). I tried to submit a petition in the local courts but it was...
by treston11
24 Apr 2019, 07:31
Forum: Italian Genealogy
Topic: Glongitano
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Re: Glongitano

Mary M - I realize I am replying 8 years after the original post, but I saw your posts. I am the great-grandson of Alfio Saccullo (brother of Nunzia Saccullo/Longhitano). Marie Saccullo (daughter of Alfio, born 1926) would be the closest living relative to Nunziata Saccullo/Longhitano