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by sigatti1
20 Sep 2021, 04:33
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Topic: Spezzano Grande Records
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Re: Spezzano Grande Records

I, too, am interested in Spezzano Grande records. The commune is now named Spezzano della Sila. A Family Search Wiki page offers a link to records; but one must go to a Family History Library at an LDS church or chapel or a public library offering access to these records. Our local Family History Li...
by sigatti1
23 Mar 2021, 15:24
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Topic: Comma or No Comma?
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Re: Comma or No Comma?

One approach to comma use relates to opening a sentence with a "weak structure," a phrase or dependent clause (subject-verb structure that cannot stand alone as a sentence). A "weak structure," like the prepositional phrase "In Italy...," should be followed by a comma. ...
by sigatti1
22 Mar 2021, 20:55
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Topic: Saverio Cerminara/Sam German Birth?
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Saverio Cerminara/Sam German Birth?

I have been helping a friend learn more about her grandfather's Italian origins. His name was originally Saverio Cerminara. He was born in October 1871. I believe that he was born in either Platania or Cicala, CZ. But I am not sure. He emigrated to the US in 1896 and headed for Pittsburgh. At some p...