Anna Perrella Siblings; Naples

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Anna Perrella Siblings; Naples

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Anna (nee Perrella) Esposito lost 8 siblings to TB.

Anna Perrella
My 2nd great grandmother
Birth 1867 in Naples, Italy
Death 4 Feb 1946 in Brooklyn, NY ... 0337709556

Were there any health records in Italy that I can search on TB deaths to help me find the names of her siblings?

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Re: Anna Perrella Siblings; Naples

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If Anna's siblings were born before her, you should find their birth records in the Naples Civil Registration 1809-1865 on - I had a quick look and didn't find anyone with a father named Federico Perrella. So your next step would be to either look for a source for post-1865 birth records in Naples (then searching for individuals whose father's name was Federico Perrella) - or question how sure you are that Anna was born in Naples? You don't seem to have a source for it so is it possible that's incorrect? One of my ancestors was said to be from Naples too - but it turns out she just boarded the boat from Naples, she was actually born and lived in Monteroduni. You can't always trust family stories.

I would look for Anna's immigration/naturalization papers. Those should tell you where exactly in Italy she was born. Then you can look for her/her siblings birth records in that location.
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Re: Anna Perrella Siblings; Naples

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I don’t know if this is the same family, but here’s a link to a PERRELLA & FAZIO 19th Century Photo Album on EBay.
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