FTDNA Chromosome paint report

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FTDNA Chromosome paint report

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Has anyone checked out their FTDNA chromosome paint report yet..? It was just released a couple of days ago. It's based on your ancestral origins.

I have to say, mine was truly bizarre. I think maybe there are some bugs yet to get out.

Although to some extent, the mixtures were at least close, WHERE they painted them made no sense at all.

They are based on their "super populations", which is fine, but their distribution doesn't line up at all with any other matrix NOR any paper trail I have researched.

For example, my maternal side is basically Italian & Sicilian with some Greek/Balkan & Middle Eastern (and my paper trail starts & ends in the same town in Lazio). And I find those on most of the chromosomes -- but on both sides of each pair.

Same goes with northern & western European & possibly a trace of southern European (my father's side). It's scattered on both sides of each pair.

I uploaded both Ancestry & 23 & me with similar results -- one test also indicated Ashkenazi Jewish to a minor extent, and again on both sides of each pair. It all just seems too random.

It's not like they are simply conglomerations of each other, as there are far too many overlaps.

Just curious if anyone has seen this yet (if you've tested or uploaded to FTDNA) and what your opinions are of it..? Mine aren't too good at the moment. I was looking forward to seeing the results but found them rather disappointing...

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