Vito Nicola Pinto marriage record help with translation

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Vito Nicola Pinto marriage record help with translation

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Vito Nicola Pinto, son of Giuseppe and Margarita Biasi
Record #19

http://www.antenati.san.beniculturali.i ... 3.jpg.html

Any help with translation would be greatly appreciated.

I am seeing these records with Giuseppe Pinto and Margarita Biasi--sometimes her name is di Biasi. Is that a different person? I just posted a marriage record for Maria Giovanna Pinto that I wanted translated, and it says Giuseppe and Margarita Biasi. This record says di Biasi.
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Re: Vito Nicola Pinto marriage record help with translation

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Marriage #19 - dated 4 November 1822 (Church celebration on the same day)
Groom: Vito Nicola Pinto, 17, born in Rapone, farmer residing in Rapone; son of deceased Giuseppe, farmer, and of Margarita di Biasi, residing in Rapone
Bride: Domenica Luongo, 18, born and residing in Rapone, daughter of Antonio, farmer, residing in Rapone, and of deceased Rosa Patrissi
Banns/notification posted on 13 October
Documents presented:
1 - birth act of groom
2 - birth act of bride
3 - death act of father of the groom
4 - death act of the mother of the bride
5 - notification as above
6 - consent of the parents of the spouses
7 - certificate of no opposition to the marriage.

You most probably have the same person... just verify other facts related to the persons (Biasi and di Biasi) to be sure. :-)

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